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8-9 October 2023 | AIIMS, Delhi

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Organising Chairperson

Prof. RK Chadda

Organizing Secretary

Prof. Pratap Sharan

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The Department of Psychiatry & the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC), AIIMS New Delhi; in association with the Psychotherapy Speciality Section of the Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) is delighted to invite you to the National CME on Combined Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy, on the 8th – 9th of October 2023, at the JLN Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi.

The question of combining medication with psychotherapy has intrigued clinicians and researchers since the earliest days of psychopharmacology. Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy are typically delivered by separate clinicians and may be conceptualized from dualistic perspectives. Combined treatment work best when clinicians develop flexible plans that allows for appropriate alterations in medication and the delivery of psychotherapy to meet the specific needs of the clinical situation following an integrative model. Studies that have explored the mechanisms of interaction between pharmaco- therapy and psychotherapy show positive interactions between treatments.

In this CME, we examine the current status of combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy from both a clinical and research perspective. Erudite speakers will provide the rationale for bringing biological and psychological therapies together in a comprehensive approach to treatment. Also, speakers will offer practical guidelines for using an integrated treatment approach.

Organizing Committee

Organising Chairperson:
Prof Rakesh K Chadda
Organising Secretary:
Prof Pratap Sharan
Joint Organising Secretary:
Dr Koushik S Deb
Dr Gagan Hans
Dr GS Kaloiya

Committee Members:
Dr Rakesh Lal
Dr Anju Dhawan
Dr Rajesh Sagar
Dr Sonali Jhanjee
Dr Nand Kumar
Dr Mamta Sood
Dr Atul Ambekar
Dr Yatan PS Balhara
Dr Raman Deep
Dr Ravindra Rao
Dr Ashwini K Mishra
Dr Rachna Bhargava
Dr Sujata Satapathy
Dr Prabhu Dayal
Dr Rohit Verma
Dr Bichitra N Patra
Dr Alok Agrawal
Dr Biswadip Chatterjee
Dr Rizwana Quraishi
Dr Siddharth Sarkar
Dr Piyali Mandal
Dr Roshan Bhad
Dr Vijay P Barre
Dr Vaibhav Patil
Dr Shalini Achra
Dr Nishtha Chawla
Dr Preethy K
Dr Swati Gupta

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Organising Association:

Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS)
Psychotherapy Specialty Section

Organised By:

Department of Psychiatry & NDDTC,
AIIMS, New Delhi

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Indian Psychiatric Society 
Executive Council 2023-24

President: Dr. Vinay Kumar

General Secretary: Dr. Arabhinda Brahma

Vice-President: Dr. Lakshmi Kant Rathi

Hon. Treasurer: Dr. M Aleem Siddiqui

Hon. Editor: Dr. OP Singh


Indian Psychiatric Society-
Psychotherapy Speciality Section

Advisor: Dr. Vivek Kirpekar

Chairperson: Dr. Pratap Sharan

Co- Chairperson: Dr. Geetha Desai

Convener: Dr. Darshan Shah

EC Coordinator: Dr. Parag S. Shah